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Currently at my last teenage year at TP's Hospitality&Tourism. Awesome defines my life. Nothing could be beat that down

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Sunday, July 18, 2010
So long blogspot.

See you here.

With love

Monday, July 12, 2010
So two weeks have passed and hell week is about to come to an end on Wednesday. Really am looking forward to that day for ONE: all my major projects will be submitted, TWO: I'm finally going to see Amos again. Hell yeah \m/ , THREEE: I can finally sleep well and FOUR: PARTY PARTY PARTYYYYYY! Oh yes! Not forgetting it is time to brush up on my studies. Can't afford to fail any. God the thoughts of it scares me. But I know I wont.

I really want to do well and move on to my next 2 years plan. Yes yes, its about time when I finally ask myself what do I really want in my life. Turning 20 aint going to be another t(w)eenager life where all I do is to live under parent's roof, have fun 24/7 with friends and living off a part time job's minimal pay. No! It's time I've to truly ask myself, what do I see myself heading cause I want my life to be of a fruitful one. The picture that I envisioned right now may be blurry due to all the 'what if's consquences. But giving another 1 to 2 years, I should be able to get it clear to myself what I want to see myself in. How am I going to work on this especially when I'm running against the time.

For now...
I am glad I pulled through and am shortlisted for Fairmont Hotel for local internship and Four Seasons in Maldives. Still remember telling Amos and friends how the thoughts of trying to be able to get chosen for overseas internship would be a near to zero chance, seriously. My confidence in even giving it a try was that bleak. Imagine, having to go through total of 7 interviews. Its insanity for someone who never had so many interviews in her life at a short period of time! (If there were going to be another round of interview, I will reallly be sick.) However, I really want to thank everyone who actually encouraged me to go for my dreams.

Maldives has always meant so much to me. Thats the place where my childhood became ever so lively. I never fail to feel so loved by that island. Not forgetting how I always get so excited whenever I get to fly over to find my dad and play by the crystal clear beach, feeding pretty fishes with bread. The starry nights where I would stand by alone gazing the night sky above and lil' crabbies marching sideways (hahaha, never fail to be amused by that) and think to myself how beautiful life is at that point of time. Such fond memories and the great support of tutors and friends, I've decided to give it a go. Go and grab hold of an opportunity that allows me to build my career path in and to start at the island which I had long deemed the love of my life; the island itself. 3 months of working in Maldives, anticipation pumped right into my heart!

Yes I am excited and ready for this! Ready set go! Stepping out of my comfort zone and be there independently. Yes, I've never been out on my own before. My first try, the first start of my own adventure...of work. Woohoo! Surely will miss my love ones and dearly friends. But I must say if not for your words of encouragement and strong support, I wouldnt be able to realize this dream of mine. I am ready to embark on this journey. My stepping stone at the age of 20, I am truly awesome. Fyeeeaaahhz.

#p.s. I really miss you sweetheart. Wednesday, the day I'll be finally back in your arms. 2 days! Loves

Tuesday, June 29, 2010
Today's the first day I will not see Amos till the 14th of July. Yes, I is very the sad. I might go crazy. Who knows? Being such a emotional wreck 24/7, crying would be such a norm yet so uncool. Really misses you bad, no more 98765432345 hugs/day. Life ain't that cool anymore. Hahaha. Okay okay, just kidding. My life does not only revolve around this man. My friends and love ones are equally important. LOVE THEM ALL. I swear.

Right now? I've to set my priorities on my studies and only studies now. Thanks to the PEAK period; heavy workload of projects, closely scheduled deadlines and presentations. Oh Lord, have mercy on me even though I know I'm going to miss meeting all this crazy deadlines (HTM LIFE = 10 million deadlines within a short period of time = WE ARE SUPER(WO)MEN) in the near future. Going to be missing school and all.

Talking about my love in army, I wrote him 14 days of stuff for him to read when he's free. Loved the video he made for me too. <3

Time please pass faster kthanksbye

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010